Bigger and Better with Video Walls

Video walls offer a number of advantages over traditional projector based large displays. They are brighter, last longer, and require less maintenance. There’s also the intangible “wow” factor that results from walking into a space to see a crisp image spread across multiple HD displays.

They are brighter, last longer, and require less maintenance.

In years past a video wall was a serious endeavor requiring complex engineering and difficult to manage display processors. However things have changed and many commercial display manufacturers include basic video wall processing right in the display. The most difficult task is properly mounting and aligning the displays which can be done with minimal effort if you use the right mount. Mounting systems from Peerless and Premier Mounts offer easy alignment as well as models that extend nearly a foot off of the wall to allow easy access to the connections on the rear of the display. This makes maintenance a breeze.

2015-12-28-ETL-Rye Neck UFSD-Community Room-091

There are some pitfalls which while minor may impact the way you deploy your display. For one, a video wall will always have small black lines at the seams between the displays. Some manufacturers have a bezel to bezel width of just 4mm which is very small but still noticeable when compared to a projected image which has no seams. Second you will definitely want to consider a control system like those offered by Crestron to aid in sending the proper commands to each display at the same time. Something as simple as powering on and off the displays can grow in complexity as you add displays to the wall. With a properly engineered system it can be fully automated and setup to respond to a simple touch which powers on the displays, routes the appropriate video and even dims the lights.

Big image means big impact.

Time Square would be an everyday intersection if it were not for the inherent draw of a big display. Fortunately advances in technology have made them a viable solution even for your average meeting space.