Done Being Quiet

 For over two decades we’ve quietly done our job building a reputation. We’ve been the little engine that could competing against organizations much larger. We did well building a business that has opened doors to exciting opportunities and projects. Over twenty years ago my father, who had built a successful construction consulting firm filed for a new business named Edu Net. At the same time my older brother was building PCs out of his bedroom and selling them to small businesses. We changed the name to Edu Tek, leveraged Dad’s contacts and quietly built a business that now manages thousands of network devices, tens of thousands of machines and has worked for some of the highest rated schools, universities and healthcare facilities in the nation.


As we enter our 21st year we’re ready to speak up.

Ever since we started we’ve been afraid to speak up about what we’ve accomplished because we thought it can’t possibly stack up against the big guys. However, we keep bringing on customers who choose Edu Tek because we do compete and as it turns out, we do a better job.

This year we launched a revamped website which better presents our brand and what it means. This blog is our platform for speaking up about what we’ve accomplished and how we’ve done it. We’ve learned a lot and we’re not afraid to share. 


We welcome your thoughts and look forward to great things over the next twenty years.